Residential and
Commercial Construction

Residential and
Commercial Construction

InnoTech Construction, Inc.™ focuses on integrity, reliability, and quality. From small remodels, major renovations, or full scale commercial projects, we monitor every detail that goes into your project.

Engineering Procurement

Engineering Procurement

InnoTech Construction, Inc.™ provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for energy projects.

Project Logistics

Project Logistics

InnoTech Construction, Inc.™ is a proven resource for quality transporting and handling of costly components used in large-capital projects.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

With our Staff Recruitment Services & Staff Oversight of Professional, Technical & Craft we provide custom staffing packages to meet our client's needs.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Whether you are dealing with an excessive complex project or a straight-forward one; Our solutions can make certain its successful completion in the most environmentally conscious manner.

Asset & Contract Management

Asset & Contract Management

InnoTech Construction, Inc.’s Contract Management simplifies and automates many complex processes within the scope of contract management.

Project & Program Management

Project & Program Management

We understand the challenges concerning risk allocation, safety, environment, cost and schedule control, and claims mitigation. Our expertise and management ensure that every project is safely and finished with quality.

Sustainable Housing

Sustainable Housing

Inspired by the late architect Amber Long, InnoTech is working to redesign the housing development of today to shape it into an across-the-board sustainable housing standard for the future.



InnoTech Construction, Inc. offers high quality products and support to our customers in regards to custom fabrication for both small and large projects.

Who We Are

InnoTech Construction, Inc.™, is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business founded in 2013. We pride ourselves on having the top safety program within our industry and most recently received the Safety Leadership Award from the National Safety Council for having zero OSHA Recordables or LTA’s in 5 years. Much credit for this accomplishment goes to our innovative safety-risk predictive software, SafetyLink™.

Although InnoTech is known as an Engineering/Procurement/ Construction (epc) company, it offers many other services such as world-class staff augmentation services, consulting services, construction/project management services, fabrication and more.

Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Why InnoTech?

  • Solutions by recognized industry experts
  • Experience in handling a wide variety of projects across sectors
  • Capability of managing highly complicated and large scale projects
  • Practical experience and insight
  • Sustainable, achievable and integrated solutions
  • Tailored solutions for optimum value
Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Who We Work With

InnoTech has worked with and/or currently works with multiple governmental agencies and prime contractors.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Nevada National Security Site
Argonne National Laboratory
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Department of Energy
Department of Defense
Portsmouth Mission Alliance
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
Sandia National Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Mission Support Alliance
Department of Veteran Affairs
Hanford Site
Idaho National Laboratory
InnoTech Construction

Pioneering Innovative Technological Solutions Within an Age Old Industry

Safety. Quality. Commitment.

Partner with us and optimize your business performance.


SafetyLink is InnoTech's award winning safety program. It is a corroborative safety initiative built around open & dynamic communication. It combines our enterprise social network, which empowers our employees to connect, share, and work better together with effortless file sharing. Instantaneous real-time safety approvals of permits, instant safety alerts throughout the social network with "read receipt" and hosted training, polling, safety materials, procedures & more.

  • S.A.F.E.

  • Strong
  • Accountability
  • Focused
  • Engagement
  • Effective leadership attributes for an aligned organization.

  • Establish a clear vision & strategy
  • Develop talent & foster a learning organization
  • Align & engage work force
  • Build & sustain trust
  • Coach & foster accountability
  • Inspire, motivate & communicate

InnoTech Construction Wins Safety Leadership Award

InnoTech Awarded for Safety Leadership

InnoTech Construction was awarded the Safety Leadership Award by the National Safety Council, for having achieved five consecutive years without an occupational injury or illness resulting in days away from work.

"Five years is a remarkable achievement that reflects a safety culture within InnoTech that ensures our great employees make it home to their families every day."

Ashley Shreve, CEO, InnoTech Construction

Engineering Procurement and Construction

Our Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) services make a seemingly overwhelming task less difficult and more price effective when combining these options through InnoTech. No matter the size, location, or project difficulty, InnoTech Construction, Inc.™ will tailor a top-notch solution to meet your company's predetermined budget and deadlines. We know that maintaining schedules and setting budgets can be daunting for any company and project, no matter the size or budget. InnoTech's knowledgeable staff prides themselves on being able to offer world-class services and personalized options to keep your project on track. You can be sure that each EPC initiative proposed by InnoTech will be designed with environmentally friendly practices and processes in place.

Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC)

World-Class Staffing Solutions

InnoTech Construction, Inc.™ is quickly being recognized within both governmental departments and civilian corporations as the source for providing top talent. Our extensive global database of qualified professionals is readily available to fulfill and exceed all your company's staffing needs.

InnoTech prides itself on being known within various industry workforces as a company that genuinely supports, develops, and promotes their employees. Our reputation of putting employees first has allowed us to select experts from around the world and from all disciplines in order to provide our clients with what they would expect - World-Class Performance.

World-Class Staffing Solutions
  • Here are just a few of the services that InnoTech Construction, Inc.™ offers:

  • Recruitment Outsourcing
  • Manpower Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Relocation Management
  • Payroll & HR Solutions

Amber Long Project™

InnoTech Construction, Inc.™ is currently working on a project inspired by the late architect Amber Long and working to redesign the housing developments of today in order to shape them into sustainable housing. We are currently developing the prototype which will allow us to develop guidelines in order to adapt the sustainable housing developments to the various climates within the United States.

With the Amber Long project, InnoTech Construction, Inc.™ is working to reform the housing standards of the future and provide a solution that will include energy independence, water reclamation, recycling, and organic space efficient gardens within our socially interactive inspired designs.