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We're an award winning company, pioneering innovative technological solutions within an age-old industry.

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InnoTech Construction, Inc.™ is an award-winning company that has worked with multiple governmental agencies and prime contractors across the world.

    Construction Services

    Commercial Construction

    InnoTech focuses on integrity, reliability, and quality. We monitor every detail that goes into your full-scale commercial project.

    Industrial Construction

    InnoTech specializes in Energy, but is no stranger to Paper Mills, Refineries, Manufacturing, and other industrial sectors.

    Custom Fabrication

    We offer high quality products and support to our customers in regards to custom fabrication for both small and large projects.

    Project Logistics

    InnoTech Construction, Inc.™ is a proven resource for quality transporting and handling of costly components used in large-capital projects.

    Consulting Services

    When dealing with an excessively complex project, our solutions make certain its successful completion in the most environmentally conscious manner.

    Sustainable Housing

    InnoTech Construction aims to inspire the world with revolutionary housing designs meant to relieve stress on our national grid.