InnoTech Named Top 10 Construction Companies of 2019

InnoTech Construction was featured in Construction Tech Review July 2019 Issue for Top 10 Management Consulting/Services Companies of 2019.

“Presently, organizations are rapidly progressing and employing different strategies to align their services and solutions with the volatile and ever-changing nature of the market. Along with the constantly evolving and developing business domains even the project management methodologies and tools have matured. The simple principle to achieve success in the execution of any project is by seamlessly bridging people, processes, and technologies. As the one-size-fits-all trend slowly fades, the traditional waterfall methodologies are now being replaced with modern strategies. These modern or even hybrid strategies are best suited for scenarios where the business projects are to be managed over a vast work base and there is imperative requirement of multiple project managers. Thus, the present corporate business work is searching for a significant number of project managers who are equipped with the right knowledge and skill to handle hybrid project management strategies. Besides, the managers should not exclusively be working for one prescriptive methodology but are well-versed in multipled methodologies.

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Ashley Shreve, CEO

A Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, InnoTech Construction specializes in engineering, procurement, and construction, effectively leading the charge toward revolutionizing the age-old construction industry by adopting emerging technologies such as AI and predictive analysis. “Our proprietary software fosters sustainable, socially inspired designs, and significantly boosts the efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness in construction operations,” states Ashley Shreve, CEO at InnoTech Construction. The company’s user-friendly, enterprise social network empowers employees to communicate, share, collaborate, and significantly reduce the downtime associated with errors or accidents on the field. With proven expertise in industrial construction, InnoTech Construction carves out a niche of its own for the safety, quality, and commitment it brings to the construction industry.

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