Turn To Us For Industrial Construction Services

When you are looking for all-encompassing construction services for your industrial property, rely on our experienced team at InnoTech Construction.

Similar to our commercial construction services, we are fully equipped to provide our clients with the welding, fabrication, or coating services that they need to create a completely safe and effective industrial space. We will even provide you with the proper inspections and testing to ensure that your industrial space meets our high standards.

All of our proven construction models, whether they are for an industrial project or one of our other projects, are based on national standards for training, quality assurance, the software or safety program, and so much more.

At InnoTech Construction, we want to help give you the industrial space that you need. Contact our experienced team today to learn more about our industrial construction options.




Our areas of expertise when it comes to our industrial construction projects include:

  • Managing the bid phasing and contract negotiation.
  • Field oversight management including field procurement, work package management, receipt inspection, and material control.
  • Performing construction and field supervision and change control.
  • Commissioning and maintaining operations.


Our specific industrial services include:

  • Contracts. We can help get you the proper contracts for your project.
  • Integrated ECPM Services. lnnoTech proudly offers a comprehensive Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Maintenance integration process to deliver whole-project solutions with cost-effective options.
  • Outage Support. Our proven model to deliver results safely, on-time, every time is known throughout the industry. We will estimate each phase and provide the expert staffing and required equipment to complete your turnaround or outage project
  • Maintenance. Comprehensive maintenance services from feasibility studies to construction and operations & maintenance our support is fully customizable to meet your needs
  • Program Development. Our proven models based on national standards for training, Quality Assurance, Software or Safety Program developme can be tailor fit to your company or project needs.
  • Inspection and Testing. We will provide you with the proper inspection and testing services that you need to have a fully functioning structure.
  • Construction Specialty Services. Our specialty services include fabrication, coating, and welding.
  • Staffing. We will provide the appropriate staffing to complete your project on time and to the best of our abilities.


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