InnoTech Construction is an industry leader and our chain of accountability starts at the top.

Ashley Shreve, CEO

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the opportunity you have given InnoTech Construction Inc, it’s employees, and families by considering us for your needs. If anyone understands the fragileness and purity of dreams, it is me. It is my honor to be invited in to enjoy the journey of your dream, with you. It is also humbling that you would consider becoming part of my journey, as I continue to grow and demonstrate InnoTech Construction, Inc.’s World-Class Safety, Quality, and Commitment.

When you choose InnoTech, you will choose to become part of the process. Great communication is a tool that constantly yields us successful results, and I strongly encourage you to become part of the day to day conversation. Our job superintendents and foremen will have a work package specifically designed to your project. This package includes items such as the Job Safety Analysis designed specifically for your project and reviewed every morning by all InnoTech employees prior to commencing their work activities. It also includes other helpful items such as drawings, permits, daily job logs, and so much more. I would invite you to participate in a safety meeting or browse through the detailed job log we keep for your specific project. Our job supervisors would be more than happy to answer any of your questions or walk you through our daily processes.

-- Ashley Shreve, CEO