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Thank you Innotech! I have dealt with numerous contractors in the past but always had an issue. I have now found my contractors I trust for everything!

Jessica M.
Manchester, PA

All I can say is they met my expectations and exceeded them!! My primary residence is in Arizona so I could not be there all the time during the process. However the Project Manager was great & the team he had was top notch They put my worries at ease!.

Phoenix, AZ

InnoTech remodeled my 5x8 bathroom. Put up new drywall and tiled my floor and replaced my toilet and new vanity with granite. Looks beautiful!

Janice S.
Norwalk, OH

I have used the Innotech crew on numerous projects and would recommend them to anybody. Everyone was professional and prices were very reasonable. They seem to be skilled in a wide variety of fields.

Robert H.
Manchester, PA

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