InnoTech’s commitment to industry leading safety techniques makes it a leader in safety and quality awareness.

The company’s user-friendly, enterprising social network powers employees to communicate, share, collaborate, and significantly reduce the downtime associated with errors or accidents on the field. Our construction team holds the prestigious Safety Leadership Award from the National Safety Council for completing five consecutive years without an occupational injury or illness, increasing the number of productive working hours for employees.


InnoTech Construction (ITC) Is committed to establishing, implementing, and maintaining a Quality Assurance Program ensuring all ITC activities and processes are planned, reviewed, controlled, and verified for compliance with applicable federal regulations, national standards, and contractual requirements. ITC is committed to promoting a culture that provides for a sustained and continuous quality improvement atmosphere, to ensure our processes are regularly surveyed, ensuring the highest value for our clients.

ITC’s objective is to provide unrivaled engineering, procurement, and construction services at competitive rates based on emerging technologies. ITC’s Quality Assurance Plan demands continuous improvements in our processes, item and service quality, and the methods and procedures employed to achieve the desired quality. As a result, ITC personnel are trained to identify nonconforming and/or non-compliant conditions, report such conditions, and continually seek ways to improve the effectiveness of our processes, the quality of our products, and the quality of the services we provide. Effective implementation of our Quality Assurance Program and accountability by our employees is an essential element to our approach in our daily work. Verification of quality is also an essential element of an effective quality management program. Quality verification personnel have sufficient authority, access to work areas, and organizational freedom to perform there as prescribed in ITC’s implementing procedures.